In my work as a documentary filmmaker I am interested in taking unorthodox approaches
toward re-interpreting familiar landscapes and bringing forgotten histories to light.



2021, 12 min

This short film employs an anonymous hotline to elevate the voices beneath Vermont's F-35 flight path, the first urban residents to live with one of the military's most controversial weapons systems overhead.

Tranquil scenes of unassuming neighborhoods near Burlington International Airport are juxtaposed with voicemails of the unheard, those drowned out by the ear-shattering “sound of freedom.” Exploring the relationship between picturesque residential areas and the deafening fighter jets overhead, Jet Line is a poetic portrait of a community plagued by war machines, documenting untenable conditions in a small city once voted one of the best places to live in America. Learn more at


Vermont International Film Festival - Official Selection

White River Indie Films - Winner: First Place, Emerging Filmmaker Showcase


2020, 9 min

This short film investigates the cult of image making surrounding one of the most iconic American landscapes. 

Through a barrage of home movies and social videos this film examines the extensive archive of amateur images that have been created in and around Grand Canyon National Park, provoking questions about the relationships between tourism, photography, land use and memory in the American southwest.


Long Distance Film Festival - Official Selection

Oregon State International Film Festival - Official Selection

DC Environmental Film Festival - Finalist


2018, 10 min

This short documentary takes an unblinking look at California landscapes bearing the scars of wars fought elsewhere.  Serene forest groves and opaque Silicon Valley windows provide the visual framework for an assumption-challenging essay film inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s radical historical geographies and the political cinema of Travis Wilkerson.  The film’s minimalist visual style features locked down landscape cinematography and on-screen text to form a critical geography approach toward a new way of seeing the costs of warmaking as they are found in the very flesh of California.


Monarch Film Festival - Official Selection


DC Environmental Film Festival - Official Selection

Images Festival - Official Selection


Long Distance Film Festival - Official Selection

Mimesis Documentary Festival - Official Selection